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Anthurium Seedlings

This page will be a dedicated to upcoming Anthurium seeds/seedlings that will be available for sale. Check back here for availability updates and to see the progress on our plant mothers. 

We will be offering seeds for sale for some species of Anthurium. This is a way to buy rare specimens for a fraction of the cost. This option will be reserved for true species as we would like our hybrids to display distinguishable characteristics before they are offered for sale. Additionally, we will be offering our Seedling Mix for sale in order to help aide with the growing process. For further help with germination we will be offering Seedling Kits.

The seedlings we offer will not be sold until they reach about 4-8 months of age. This depends on individual seedlings and the growth progress they make. 


Expectant Mothers

Anthurium Luxurians

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