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Rowena, The Variegated Adansonii

1) The variegated adansonii is a coveted unicorn plant that I did not think I would be acquiring anytime soon. As fate would have it I ended up with a partner that encourages my plant hobby and understands the joy it brings me. The other day MonsterKing was selling some rooted plants on instagram. The level of variegation was just too good and together we invested in this little baby beauty and I am over the moon with excitement. I have decided to call her by one of my favorite names, Rowena.


Purchased 7/25/20

2) I am very excited to track her growth and finally get to experience Rowena's beauty. Initially I was going to keep her in one of my indoor greenhouses but I really felt like she needed a special place to call home. Today I will be going out to buy her a terrarium. I envision her in a rainforest like setting on my nightstand. The main bedroom is fairly minimal so I think she would make an excellent addition. 


Shipped 07/27/2020

3) I bought a 20 gallon hexagon terrarium from PetSmart that measures 19.1"L X 16.6"W X 22.4"H. I put it on my nightstand and any size bigger would of been too large. I ordered a light stand, grow light, fan, and driftwood. I am hoping to put everything together by next week.


4) Rowena arrived on July 29th, which was a day late due to COVID delays. I spent the 28th pacing around the house for her to arrive. It was particularly important I pay attention because I needed to sign for her. On the 29th I had errands to run but luckily Kris was home, albeit working. She is truly magnificent and just absolutely stunning. I am thrilled with the level of variegation on this plant. I have seen many with little white or leaves that are all green. I believe she is the perfect blend and I cannot wait to see her future growth. Also, I did not realize how glittery she would look. This is truly a wonderful specimen. She already has a third leaf developing. I plan to repot her and put her on a moss pole once the leaf finishes growing. 


Terrarium Life!


Third leaf completely unfurled


5) I noticed on September 1st that a fourth leaf is on the way! At the moment we are averaging one leaf a month, which is excellent. She seems to really love her terrarium. I repotted her into a clearer pot after the third leaf but this has not slowed down the growth. 

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