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Purchase Terms

Please familiarize yourself with these terms BEFORE purchase. Do not make a purchase if you cannot agree to these terms.

Return & Refund Eligibility

You MUST contact us within 24 Hours of the plant arriving to be eligible for a return and refund. Please keep in mind that shipping stress can occur when ordering houseplants through the mail. If a plant arrives significantly damaged, with pest issues, or has been sent incorrectly please contact us ASAP with photos. Plants that cannot be rehabilitated or arrive with pests can be returned for a full refund. Unfortunately, we do not refund any plants left out in the cold, heat, or that are stolen. If you are concerned for the safety of your package please make sure someone is present when it arrives. Please realize that we do our best to ship safely and inspect all plants before shipment. We do not refund partial payments due to any kind of shipment stress or pest issues. You will be asked to return the entire plant if you want a refund. Unfortunately, we have to be strict about this policy because people do try to damage plants in order to receive money back. Please do not purchase a plant with intent of any harm to plants. Once you contact us to return the plant we will send you the return address and you will receive a full refund once the plant arrives back to us. Full refunds include the initial purchase price and initial shipping cost. Return shipping will not be compensated. We require you to return plants through USPS priority mail or UPS Ground and you must return in similar packaging and secure the plant so that no shipping damage is incurred. We will not charge a restocking fee and consider this absorbed by the return shipping fee. 

Lost Packages


If your package does not arrive within two weeks please notify us. We will file a UPS claim on your behalf. We do not leave this up to the customer because it is the responsibility of the seller to accommodate the customer. After we file the claim we will refund your full purchase price within 7-10 business days. Please note this is only applicable to those packages UPS has acknowledged as being lost and the tracking information reflects this. If the package is considered as "Delivered" by the courier then it is not lost and will be considered stolen. We do not refund stolen packages. 

Research Terms


Please make sure that you research how to take care of the plant you are purchasing. It is the responsibility of the buyer to be prepared when purchasing a plant. I have care guides on the website for each of the plants I list for sale. Please familiarize yourself with them and do your own research as well. Unfortunately, we will not be able to individually give advice going forward as we have too many customers. All necessary information can be found in the care guides, FAQ section, or by doing research online.

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