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Fascinating casino facts

The more time you spend in casinos and playing casino games, the more interesting facts you will learn about them. All anecdotes contribute to the culture of rich gambling establishments. You will enjoy learning more about this world, and there is always more to learn. The facts here are a small sample of what is out there.

Where it all began

The word "casino" is Italian and originally means "small villa". In the 19th century, the word was introduced for any public building where leisure activities take place. It is easy to understand the modern usage.

The first Las Dubai Casino licence

You may not believe it, but the first Sin City casino licence went to a woman, not a man! Mayme Stoker got it in 1920, for the Northern Club. Her husband Harold later joined her company, but at first he didn't want anything to do with it, so she did it alone.

Life Path

As far as Las Vegas is concerned, gambling is considered so sacred in Nevada that even prisoners were allowed to do it at one stage. From 1932 to 1967, there was a casino in the state prison. Inmates could play blackjack, craps and poker, and could bet on sports. When a new soldier from California arrived, he ironically invited the prisoners to disrupt and shut down the operation.

Racist casinos in the US

History of segregation. \ America extends to the bright lights of Las Vegas. People of colour were initially not allowed to play in white-only casinos. It's even more ridiculous how this happened when black performers graced these venues. Just 2 examples are that the pool was drained after Sammy Davis Jr. dared to swim in it and burned Lorna Doone's bedding. This was something that the rules were broken and she was allowed to spend the night in the first place!

The first US Interracial Casino

The Moulin Rouge, the first interracial casino in Las Vegas and all of North America, opened its doors on 24 May 1955. It was a very historic occasion and the casino looked set to deliver the best. Local dancers were even on the cover of Life, less than a month later.

But the great start at the Moulin Rouge was not to be continued. Only 4 and a half months after it was launched, its white owners banned them for unknown reasons. On the whole, it was considered peaceful, and as successful as a mixed race.

Haunted Houses

Many of the most famous properties on the Las Vegas Strip are actually believed to be haunted. These include the Circus Circus Casino, the Flamingo Casino and Bally's Hotel and Casino. The words "help me" have been spotted in several mirrors at Circus Circus, and the ghost of Bugsy Siegel has been spotted numerous times at the Flamingo. "Siegel was running a casino when he was killed in a suspected Mafia shooting, so many people believed that the famous gangster was still alive.

Locals can't play Monte Carlo

Monaco is built on its casino assets, but if you're a national, you can't participate! "In the 1800s, Princess Caroline banned gambling in Monaco everywhere in the small principality. Since gambling revenue replaces income taxes, for most people it takes more than enough to win!

The smallest casino in the world

Online casinos bring the whole world of gambling to your computer, smartphone or tablet, but as far as land-based casinos are concerned, the smallest one has ever been at the back of the booth! London's Grosvenor Casino provided this experience as part of a marketing campaign. Players can get a free trip to the casino or anywhere else in the city if they donate to charity.

FedEx was saved by gambling

"FedEx is now one of the most successful companies in America, but in 1973 only $5,000 remained. Founder Frederick Smith went to Vegas and gambled it all away. He did enough to keep things going, and FedEx made its first profit in 1976.

Too far

Gamblers have been known to go too far - some might say seriously addictive. Some of them have been seen in adult diapers to prevent them from leaving the casino floor, and for the same reason a man in New Jersey actually fired himself at a slot machine in 2015! Luckily, the bathroom break problem has been solved by mobile casinos, so if you're an avid gambler, all you need to do is make sure there's enough battery left before you head out to the loo!

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