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The Pollination of

Anthurium NOID "Elvira"

1) Anthuriums are so unique and beautiful. After a while you learn what to expect when you come across one. Purebred Anthuriums are exotic and wonderful but sometimes a little change is just what the doctor ordered. Hybridizing anthuriums gives us a chance to be surprised again. It is such a mystery when you produce a hybrid and extremely exciting when you come across one that is unique. When I pick hybrids it is because they strike me and are unlike any Anthurium I have previously come across.


I purchased Elvira from Monstera Maven on instagram. Initially, she posted it for sale on a purge group that I had missed out on. I messaged her privately when I noticed no one had claimed this "Extremely Rare Luxurians hybrid". I was immediately interested and I had to have it. Chloe was hesitant to sell, which I completely understand. This is a choice plant and such a beauty. The blue hue Elvira had was stunning. 

I have been hesitant to call her Luxurians X because oftentimes Luxurians hybrids lack the velvet texture. They appear more matte and have a glossy texture to them. Of course, this could still be one as seedlings are all unique and capable of being different. Without knowing its origins I choose to just refer to her as a NOID. 

Over the next couple months she has produced many leaves. The leaves are more stunning in their maturity. Such deep dark greens and blues that it looks like the photos have been edited. I marvel at her beauty on the daily. She is the perfect candidate for pollination as I would absolutely love to produce more of her.

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