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The Pollination of
Anthurium NOID "Lux"

1) My Anthurium "Lux" is one I imported from Indonesia. The seller sells many unknown hybrid anthuriums. The lack of parentage never dissauded me from purchasing him. I bought quite a few that will likely never have a true identification.  


The picture that sparked my interest


November 25th, 2019

The day Lux arrived (the emerging leaf did not make it)


January 5th, 2020

No new growth yet

2) On June 9th, 2020 I noticed an inflorescence forming on Lux. At this point he has had three new leaves and has been popping them out one after another. 


June 25th, 2020

3) I always knew I wanted Lux to have seedlings. Since I did not know his parentage I was hoping to save pollen in order to pollinate him later. I did not want to waste his pollen on an anthurium he was not compatible with. I know nothing of the Anthurium group he belongs to or whether he belongs to Central or South America.

One thing I know for sure is that he as aged beautifully. I definitely want more of this. He has a sheen to his leaves but it is not velvet. It is hard to describe exactly how it feels like. The petioles are a gorgeous cherry red color, which is reminiscent of ace of spades and my Crystallinum x Subsignatum hybrid (A. x Bullatum). The spathe also has tones of cherry throughout it. Though the spadix is a typically light green color. I suspect Lux is a hybrid of the group Cardiolonchium and Semaeophyllium.


4) To my surprise Lux still continued to grow a new leaf while the inflorescence was still forming. Even more surprising on July 7th, 2020 I noticed a second inflorescence! I am so happy that I will be able to pollinate Lux with himself. 


5) I collected pollen staring July 19th and on August 11th I applied it to the second inflorescence. On September 4th I notice definite changes. The color is beginning to turn more green at the bottom.

IMG_1825 2.HEIC
IMG_0562 2.HEIC
IMG_5108 2.HEIC

6) On September 4th I knew I had to repot Lux and that I had waited too long. At this point he is loosing a lot of leaves due to water holding in them too long. I realize afterwards that the soil was not the problem. The issue was that there was a plastic liner in his cache pot that trapped water at the bottom. His roots were constantly sitting in a small pool of water, which Anthuriums never like to do. Even so the repot commenced as he had clearly outgrew his net pot. I was immensely worried the shock would cause the inflorescence to fail. I had repotted Stormy not too long ago and his inflorescence still progressed so I took the risk. I cut off his third inflorescence so that more energy could be directed his the one I wanted to fruit.

719BFDC4-28EC-468D-95EE-BE1AACD26AA6 2.J
11A18BFC-AE64-4293-BAF5-AE58EAFA550E 2.J

7) On September 6th I checked on the inflorescence and it has continued to progress. Even more so I notice bumps sticking out. I am hopeful this means that we are pregnant!

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