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Anthurium Forgetii x Magnificum:

My First Pollination Experiment

1) I collected pollen from a specimen of Anthurium Magnificum on 3/20/20 and 3/27/20. It is early in the year and I have no other inflorescences. I chose to freeze the pollen.


2) My Anthurium Forgetii was meant to be pollinated with my 'Dark Magnificum' but I waited too long to collect the pollen on him. I decided to use the Magnificum pollen from 3/20 (although I questioned its viability). I read online that frozen pollen is good up to a year. I decided to test it out.


On 6/28/20 I used the 3/20/20 pollen to pollinate Anthurium Forgetii. If this is successful we know that frozen pollen is at least good for 3 months.

3) Both Magnificum and Forgetii are both exclusive to the South American country of Columbia. This should be a seamless cross as their genetics are very similar. I have heard Magnificum tends to dominate when it is hybridized. I am hoping for a closed sinus like the Forgetii but I realize that this is not likely to happen. A closed sinus with magnificum veining would be ideal. I am very curious to see how all the seedlings differ. 


4) On 6/29/20 I used the 3/27/20 pollen to pollinate Anthurium Forgetii. This batch contained more pollen and I felt it coated the inflorescence more thoroughly. Initially I did not notice any difference from yesterday, I checked back about an hour or two later and noticed dark spots all over the inflorescence. This signifies a definite change. Let us hope it is a good one!


2nd round of pollination


1-2 hours later

5) The inflorescence began turning pink on July 29th. It was a pretty color and but it had died off shortly after. I was bummed about this but I know that not every inflorescence will take when you do this. Better luck next time!

IMG_1849 2.HEIC
IMG_0431 2.HEIC
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