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We are dedicated to selling healthy and acclimated plants so that the transition into a new environment is an easy one.

 My name is Elizabeth and I began to get serious about my plant journey when my cat Ramsey became ill. Plants became my solace and have helped me heal and grow as a person. Sometimes in life when things seem uncontrollable plants can be a wonderful escape. I have learned that growing them is a great comfort to me. I enjoy watching them grow into healthy and happy plants. 


 Unfortunately, I have seen one too many plants be flipped by sellers who do not bother to acclimate the plants first. Often these plants do not do well once arriving to their forever homes. It is my mission to love these plants like my own and sell them knowing that they will survive their journey and thrive. Every plant means something to me and I want to make the world a greener place. 

Why Us??


Our goal is to deliver plants to our customers that are ready to thrive. No more questioning what kind of plant you will be receiving. We have a commitment to selling well-rooted and healthy plants. Every plant we post for sale is the EXACT plant you will receive. We want to take the guess work out of the equation and want all our customers to feel comfortable knowing they are purchasing a healthy and rooted plant.




To meet our selling criteria, not only do plants need to have healthy roots, but they must also produce at LEAST one new leaf or growth point. We will never sell you a plant that is not strong enough to grow right off the bat. We want all plants that leave our care to be able to produce new foliage as soon as possible. That means every anthurium must produce one or more leaves in our care. A new leaf will also be required of all monstera and philodendron top cuttings. For mid-cuttings we will require at least the growth point of a new stem to form before shipping out. That way you know the plant you are purchasing is capable of growth. No more struggles to wait months for a new leaf or wonder if you received a viable cutting. The hard part has been taken care of for you. 

Where do your plants come from?

In the past we have imported plants from Japan, Indonesia, Ecuador, and the Netherlands. Now, we mostly rely on our mother stock and propagate from them to sell. Occasionally, we will still import to add new specimens to our inventory.

In the near future we will have Anthurium seedlings. We are currently in the process of pollinating our inflorescences. You can check out the "Journal" tab for more information about the plants being pollinated.


How often will Restocks be?

There may be many months where we have no restocks. We are a small business and our inventory is not very large. There also may be times that we list them every week. You can expect about 5-30 plants per restock. Please sign up for our restocks if you wish to be notified. We will send an e-mail out to all subscribers in advance of our restocks. 

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